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Security Awareness Training That Harnesses the Power of Video

We used to be you, and we know the kind of training you’re used to doling out. It’s dry, it’s boring, and it results in a major disconnect in learning, retaining, recalling, and using information. That’s why we threw out pretty much everything you thought you knew about security awareness training and replaced it with engaging videos chock-full of personality and humor (and the compliance part, obviously).


Build a Culture of Security and Never Look Back

Embedding your employees in a culture of security means giving them the skills and tools they need to avoid landing in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. And that, friends, is the insurance that keeps your data, dollars, and dignity intact.


“Habitu8 produced something that is very rare in the field of security awareness content. Habitu8 took the often, dull, overly-technical, and difficult-to-understand messages and put them into comedic situations that everyone can understand.”


Financial Services


Creates a culture of security in the workplace and empowers employees


Decreases downtime and reputation hits because of security problems


Keeps your data (and bottom line) secure by preventing destructive data hacks


Increases the speed and likelihood of employees reporting security threats


Deters your workforce from clicking on shady links and visiting problematic websites


Empowers and arms your employees with the skills to avoid getting duped


The Only Security Awareness Training Program You’ll Ever Need (or Want)

We don’t just make dynamic, fun, and memorable security awareness training videos. We work with—and mentor—companies of all sizes to develop end-to-end security training programs that are effective, engaging, relevant, and totally relatable to your employees and company culture.


“Habitu8 continues to think outside the box by providing relevant and timely content that is both appropriate for work and personal environments, two of which continue to overlap. Habitu8’s ability to naturally speak to the seriousness of the topic with the ever-light-heartedly comedic approach that promotes laughter from even the most serious staff members is entertaining.”


Financial Services

Habitu8 helped LogMeIn achieve a 96 percent security awareness training program completion rate.

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Our Approach

  • Tapping into decades of experience and a superhuman passion for security awareness, we craft engaging messaging around cultures of security.
  • We do it all, which means you have access to it all: mentorship, guides, custom SCORM packages, custom editing, scripts, and more.
  • Our training videos are written, directed, and produced by a group of crazy-talented women screenwriters who have Hollywood experience.
  • We produce animated and live-action videos that change behaviors and get the conversation started—not the mainstream training bollocks that everybody hates.
  • Our videos are cast with a diverse audience in mind, using metaphors, common experiences, and scenarios that are globally relatable.
  • We do the heavy lifting so you can be the hero and reap the benefits of people paying attention and retaining information.


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