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Join us FOR OUR MENTORING WEBINAR On Privacy Awareness!

when: WEDNESDAY, October 24TH AT 11AM PST (GMT -7)

With the advent of GDPR and California's new Consumer Privacy Act, the topic of Privacy Awareness is heating up in the security awareness world.  Join us and our guest speaker, privacy expert Debra Farber, to learn how to incorporate Privacy Awareness into your security awareness programs!

Debra, Chad, and Jason will break down the fundamentals of privacy awareness and what CISOs and awareness practitioners should be focusing on as privacy requirements begin to bubble up to the surface. A white hot topic that will only continue to glow, Habitu8 is dedicated to bringing the discussion to the table early and providing value to your programs as you begin to build them out.

What Jason wants to know is, what the heck is the difference between security awareness and privacy awareness TODAY versus the last 3-5 years - and Debra has got the deets on it.

In this conversational webinar, we'll look to cover:

  1. What is privacy awareness? How does it differ from security awareness?
  2. How privacy is organized differently from medium to large sized companies
  3. What does an effective Privacy Awareness 101 training strategy look like, and how do you mature it and scale to role based focused?

About our Guest Host: DEBRA FARBER

Debra Farber


Not only can Debra Farber can see around corners, she’s prepared to lead the next big change before anyone else. After completing law school, she jumped headfirst into a dual-focused career in privacy and information security, having spent nearly 15 years in the those fields with roles at Visa, IBM, TrustArc, and several startups. Additionally, Debra co-founded the non-profit project, Women in Security and Privacy (WISP), and continues to advocate for the advancement of women. She is currently Senior Director of Privacy Strategy at BigID, helping to bring forth a new wave of privacy and data protection technology to support enterprise data discovery, inventory, and mapping.