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We’d like to introduce you to one of the largest multinational financial
services companies in the world. With more than 100,000 employees in
dozens of offices and tens of millions of members, this company’s security
and data are of the utmost importance.

This case study is about an actual Habitu8 client. You can understand how a multinational financial services company might be hesitant about providing its name and details about its real life security struggles, which is why this case study is 100 percent brandless.

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This global financial services company’s chief information security officer (CISO) knew he needed to find security awareness training that would stick and change employee behavior, but his existing content sucked. The CISO wanted really great, funny, and intentional videos, but the content his security team had on hand was static, conservative, and boring.

He wanted to breathe life into a topic that was vital for his employees, but without the right type of content—and with so many employees spread out around the world—the CISO wasn’t sure how to tackle the problem.

“Cyber awareness is a very large and complex issue and we wanted to partner with a firm that truly understood the complexity of this issue and a way to start solving for this issue,” the CISO said.

Knowing that his employees were diverse and that the training content needed to be engaging and funny—but effective—the CISO wanted the option of having live-action and animated videos. The CISO wanted content quickly, starting on at least a monthly basis, including for: 

  • Use as a supporting resource sent through email, intra-office chat, or the company’s learning management system (LMS)
  • Use on screens throughout the office
  • Quarterly and/or annual training
  • Onboarding new employees


The CISO heard about Habitu8 at SANS through the security awareness grapevine, as well as through a colleague who happened to be one of Habitu8’s long-standing customers. After connecting with Habitu8 and discussing his company’s needs, the CISO was blown away by what Habitu8 could do for his company.

“Habitu8 produced something that is very rare in the field of security awareness content,” he said. “Habitu8 took the often, dull, overly-technical, and difficult-to-understand messages and put them into comedic situations that everyone can understand.”

After working with the CISO and hearing about the type of training content his organization needed, Habitu8 delivered:

  • Access to the full library of Habitu8’s animated and live-action videos
  • Edits to existing animated shorts in Habitu8’s library
  • Custom animated and live videos, developed from the ground up
  • Minor script adjustments on existing Habitu8 videos
  • Custom edits, videos, and scripts for locations with more conservative demographics

"Habitu8 took the often,dull, overly-technical, and difficult-to-understand messages and put them into comedic situations that everyone can understand."

With deliverables in hand, the CISO implemented Habitu8’s videos as a supporting resource to reinforce its security awareness training; integrated the videos into his company’s existing LMS; and worked the materials into training for new employees during the onboarding process.

Additionally, the CISO was adamant about needing localization for his global workforce, including videos featuring people with British, Australian, Irish, Scottish, and American Chinese accents—and Habitu8 delivered. Additionally, a video package was delivered complete with a drop-down menu for subtitle translation in 25 languages.

Lastly, Habitu8 created custom SCORM packages for the company’s annual training program and for new-hire onboarding, featuring company branding, policies, and links to relevant sites and resources. SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model and comprises the technical standards for e-learning software products. It’s the de facto industry standard for how online learning content like Habitu8’s videos and a brand’s learning management system (LMS) communicate with each other. It’s the technical standard that makes sure Habitu8’s videos work with its customers’ LMS.

At the end of the day, Habitu8 delivered a truly customized training experience featuring fun, engaging, and relevant videos for a financial services company audience—and it was effective and totally relatable.

“Habitu8 continues to think outside the box by providing relevant and timely content that is both appropriate for work and personal environments, two of which continue to overlap,” the CISO said. “Habitu8’s ability to naturally speak to the seriousness of the topic with the ever-light-heartedly comedic approach that promotes laughter from even the most serious staff members is entertaining.”


With Habitu8’s videos, advisory services, guidance, SCORM packages, custom editing, and more, this financial services company’s culture of security is growing rapidly. Employees have become more mindful than ever—and they’re practicing better security habits than the CISO could have ever imagined.

“This was a quick win in an area that often does not get praise—and we owe it to the creative team at Habitu8,” the CISO said. “The product is relatable, understandable, and informative. End users are able to digest the content and use what they learned in real life.”

Additionally, the CISO reports that his company’s employees can’t stop talking about the videos, especially as supportive resources on digital boards  on rotation around the office and in conference rooms and lobbies. With thousands of views, the CISO’s employees report loving the videos and how they perfectly balance humor with a pretty serious and crucial topic.

"Habitu8’s ability to naturally speak to the seriousness of the topic with the ever-light-heartedly comedic approach that promotes laughter from even the most serious staff members is entertaining."

"If you're not including a comedic spin to your awareness program, you're missing a huge opportunity,” he said. “It is no surprise these videos are so effective—people like funny.”
As part of the LMS, the CISO reports completion rates of 95 percent and higher, and employees report being appreciative that the training content is delivered quickly and effectively—it doesn’t feel like training.

The Future

The future of this financial services company’s security culture is bright. After launching each training package, the CISO has come back to Habitu8 and asked, “What should we do next?”

Habitu8 Founder and CPO Jason Hoenich has served as an advisor to the CISO and offered guidance on next steps to round out and enhance the company’s security awareness program.

“They came to me and said, ‘We’ve got remote workers, what should we do?’” Hoenich said. “So we built them something for their remote workers. When they said, ‘What now?’ I said, ‘Let’s build a full-on annual package.’”

So, Habitu8 built and delivered a complete annual security awareness training package. Additionally, Habitu8 continues to dialogue with the CISO about which topics he and his company would like to see so they can deliver more relevant and impactful videos, too.

“Content and topics are continually updated and are relevant to what's happening in the wild,” the CISO said. “We couldn’t be happier with Habitu8’s flexibility and creativity.”

"Habitu8’s willingness to share insights into our program and give suggestions is such an added bonus."

Habitu8 continues to work closely with the CISO to deliver customized packages to help his employees work smarter—and to keep his organization’s data secure and global reputation for excellence intact. At the end of the day, the CISO says he’s happy to be his organization’s security awareness hero through his partnership with Habitu8.

“Habitu8's willingness to share insights into our program and give suggestions is such an added bonus,” the CISO said. “Their team is professional, responsive and so easy to work with. Implementing the product and onboarding was simple and fast, and we cannot wait to work with this company and see what new products they have in store. Habitu8 is highly recommended.”

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